125 degree no cup clip on soft close hinge

Cup Distance:48mm
Plate:2/4 hole square plate,3D plate
Function:soft close
Weight loading;6kg/2pcs
Suit for 15-22mm board

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  1. Suitable for cabinet doors with a 45 degree diagonal cut on the side panel edge and a 22.5 degree diagonal cut on the inner side panel edge

1. This hinge is suitable for glass cabinets and bookshelf doors. Small and exquisite.

2. The cabinet door hinge is equipped with a perfect hydraulic damping system, which creates resistance when the cabinet door is closed and is tightly closed by spring tension, transforming the original sound of the cabinet door into a silent harmony, making home life unique and quiet in the noisy city

3. The hinge cup is also a fully automatic one-time stamping hinge accessory, with a very exquisite appearance. Fixed installation to prevent glass doors from falling off.

4. Paired with a self closing system and built-in dampers, the cabinet door closes silently, creating a quiet home environment.

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