What Slides Are There On The Market?

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  • Date:2021/12/30

When it comes to sliding rails, the first thing we think of is the hardware used in the mainstream custom decoration of the whole house. Do you know what slide rails are on the market What kind of slide rails can determine the grade of your furniture.
Slide rails are also called guide rails, slides, and rails. It refers to the hardware connecting parts fixed on the cabinet of the furniture for the furniture drawer or cabinet board to move in and out. The sliding rail is suitable for the drawer connection of wooden or steel drawer furniture such as cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc.

Classification of
slide rails slide rails are currently divided into roller type, steel ball type, and hidden type.
Roller slides are the first generation of silent slides. They are composed of one pulley and two rails, but they have poor bearing capacity and do not have buffer and rebound functions. They are often used in computer keyboard drawers and light drawers. Due to its outstanding defects, it is being gradually eliminated.


Steel ball slide rail : At present, it is basically divided into two-section and three-section metal slide rails. The installation is relatively simple. The more common structure is to install on the side of the drawer and save space. Steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller slides and become the main force of modern furniture slides, and the utilization rate is also the most popular.
At present, our FGVSLIDE brand steel ball slides are also divided into ordinary steel ball slides (model: DY4501S) in terms of efficiency according to market needs.


, Buffer off (model: DY4507S) slide rail and push-rebound opening function (model: DY4510S) slide rail, the colors are black and zinc. The dampers and bouncers may be patented, and they are all produced with special molds, which can ensure smooth sliding of the slide rail and a large load-bearing capacity of 30 kg.


In addition, according to customer needs, our FGVSLIDE brand can also customize heavy-duty slides with a load capacity of 90kg (model: DY5301S)-225kg (model: DY7601S) , covering most industrial applications. The stroke position can be customized according to design needs and applied to machinery and automobiles. , Cabinets, ATM and other fields.


Concealed slides, including two-section, three-section concealed (drag bottom) slides , and horse-riding slides . They belong to the middle and high-end slides. The gear structure makes the slides very smooth and synchronized. This type of slide Rails also have buffer closing or pressing rebound opening functions, which are mostly used for middle and high-end furniture. Because they are more expensive and rare in modern furniture, they are not as popular as steel ball slides, but with the improvement of living standards and pursuit of quality of life , This type of slide is the future development trend. At present, more and more whole-house customized brands use our kav brand hidden rails. The load-bearing capacity of the two-section hidden rail reaches 25 kg and the load-bearing capacity of the three-section hidden rail reaches 30 kg.


In addition to the above three types of slides, our German BRAND KELway FGVSLIDE has launched the latest drawer slide. This slide is used by FGVSLIDE, which is easy to install and easy to use. Just pull the handle and the drawer can be opened automatically. In addition, FGVSLIDE has a variety of applications, including baskets, trash cans, ball rails, hidden rails, and horse drives.


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