Unconventional Special-Shaped Cabinet Hardware

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  • Date:2022/04/26

If buying a house is the most sensitive topic that people are most concerned about in today's society, then how to transform the house into one's ideal home is another topic that is most concerned by the public.
An artistic special-shaped cabinet is deeply loved by everyone, and it has given satisfactory praise in the overall shape, bringing more artistic sense to the whole environment, as shown in the corner cabinet.

画板 12.jpg
The opening angles of two special-shaped hinges are fully opened at the corners, which is convenient for opening the cabinet, and the overall space is fully utilized, which is convenient for storing items.

If it is displayed, too many corner cabinets cannot be used normally and the cabinet door cannot be opened, which affects the opening of the cabinet door.

The traditional drawer cabinet also adopts the push-pull opening method without handle design, which saves effort to open the drawer, and the hidden slide rail of Kaiwei makes the drawer slide more smoothly. Benefit from the square design of the load bearing. Yes, the force is very balanced in all aspects, which improves the service life of the entire special-shaped cabinet.

No matter how hard the drawer is, the drawer always closes securely and tightly, which is pleasing to the eye


In the whole house customization, for the use of special-shaped cabinets and functional hardware, you can pay attention to Hardware. More wonderful sharing to learn more hardware knowledge.

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