What different with tandem box and drawer slide?

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  • Date:2022/12/09

1.The product structure is different, the saddle drawer is based on the slide inside of the drawer, so according to the saddle drawer, it 

must be more durable and stronger than the three fold slide, so as to ensure a longer life, and the principles of the two drawers are different.

2. Generally speaking, in terms of price, for two different drawers of the same brand, tandem box is three to fou

r times more expensive than the ordinary drawer, so the price is also different. The bottom plate of the tandem box needs to be made at the same height as the cabinet body. finish.

3. In terms of products, the tandem box is a three-layer steel side plate with built-in buffer, also known as a luxury soft closing drawer, and has a wide range of applications. It is often used in hardware accessories such as integral kitchens, wardrobes, and other drawers, which is the guarantee of quality. .

4. Because the drawer's side and track connection structure are like a person riding a horse, it is durable and will not have any failures, so it is called a tandem box.

Tandem box uses a three-dimensional panel, which can be installed and disassembled quickly, which means that even if it is broken, its repair and replacement are very convenient, and it will not be as impractical as the previous pulley slides!

It has side panels on the left and right to hide slipping, and there are some drawers with deeper side panels for selection. It can also be divided into three different styles: low top, middle top and high top, corresponding to different needs of purchase. After all, some If the things are relatively high, they also need to be heightened to be able to "pocket".

The tandem box is installed inside the drawer, so the drawer with the tandem box must be stronger and more durable than the three-section rail, and the principles of these two drawers are different. From the price point of view, two different drawers of the same brand are three or four times more expensive than ordinary drawers. The bottom plate of the horse-riding pump needs to use the same thickness as the cabinet body, and the three-section rail of the horse-riding pump is made of the back panel of the cabinet.


The damping that appeared in the tandem box is a revolution in the drawer world, but the damping is mainly installed on the guide rail of the drawer, and the integrated track appeared in the later damping. The current one hardware has made a qualitative leap in riding pumps on the basis of damping, that is, linkage double buffering. Linked double buffering is a very good design, its appearance can be said to have caused a great sensation in the drawer industry for a while, and now the concept of linked double buffering is also popular all over the world. The emergence of double buffering has epoch-making significance in the entire home hardware industry.

3. Horse riding has a great influence on the cabinet industry in particular. If you want to truly become the leading brand in the industry and want to be in the leading position in the industry for a long time, you must seize every opportunity, and we hope Fgvslide Hardware's double-buffer riding pump and other double-buffer series products have a high status in the industry.

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