FGVSlide 3-fold soft close ball bearing drawer slide

  • By:the advantages and functions of 45 wide hydraulic drawer slide
  • Date:2022/06/16

Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of ball bearing drawer slide

1. Strong gravity 2. Solid steel ball 3. Thick material

4. Push and pull smoothly 5. Quiet and noiseless 6. Buffer configuration

Double row of solid steel balls - soft opening and closing, smooth and unobstructed

Make drawer opening smoother, quieter, and more advanced!

Featured cold rolled steel

1. Not easy to bend 2. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust 3. Electrophoresis process

Thickened steel plate - solid inside and outside three tracks

1. Strong bearing capacity 2. Not easy to bend 3. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Introduction to the function of the three-section buffer steel ball slide rail

1. Three-section guide rail: The three-section slide rail can be completely pulled out, making the most of the drawer space and passing the pull-out test.

2. Convenient disassembly and assembly: Please press the disassembly bar to complete the disassembly and assembly, which is light and labor-saving and convenient.

3. Nylon buckle: The imported nylon is used as the disassembly buckle to ensure the easy installation of the guide rail and long-term normal use.

4. Cold-rolled steel material: thickened cold-rolled steel is not easy to deform and durable.

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