Installation Method Of 45 Wide Ordinary Steel Ball Slide Rail

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  • Date:2022/01/20

Installation method of 45 wide ordinary steel ball slide rail

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"Mr. Liang, how do you install the steel ball slide? I don't know how to install it. I want to ask the master, but I'm afraid that they will laugh at me. I checked the Internet and you are the first person in the marketing of the hinge slide blog. , ask me.” Yesterday, a novice purchaser called to ask about the installation of 45-wide steel ball slide rails.


The 45-wide three-section steel ball slide rail has become a product to replace the powder-sprayed slide rail that was popular in the north and south of the country. Although it is very common, if it is not installed properly, the quality of the furniture will be greatly reduced.

1. First determine the drawer clearance, according to the product drawing of the steel ball slide rail or measure the actual thickness of the slide rail, so that the width of the drawer can be obtained by subtracting the thickness of the drawer slide rail from the width of the cabinet body. In general, the material is 1.2 *1.2*1.5 The thickness of the three-section slide rail is 12.7mm straight tolerance, so we recommend leaving a gap of 13mm on one side as shown in the figure below to ensure that the slide rail can be pushed and pulled freely.


But not all 45 wide slide rails on the market are the same, because we found that some manufacturers in the market use thinner materials, such as 1.0 or even 0.9mm, in order to achieve parity, which eventually leads to the overall thickness of the slide rail. Only 12.5mm or even 12.3mm, therefore, it is necessary to confirm with the manufacturer or the actual thickness of the product to obtain the final processing size, in order to ensure that the furniture drawer can be pushed and pulled freely.


2. Select the length of the slide rail according to the length of the drawer, and determine the mounting hole positions of the screws on the drawer and the side panel of the cabinet, and fix the screw holes according to the fixed rail (outer rail) given by the manufacturer's drawing (there are various on the market). There are various types of slide rails, and the hole positions of the steel ball slide rails produced by each manufacturer are basically different, so it should be processed according to the drawings of the slide rail manufacturer you purchased), or the screw holes required for the actual sample size. 


To meet the needs of the furniture factory, the large-scale production of the furniture factory can use the mechanical hole arrangement (the hole position of some manufacturers is not the 32 series hole position, the furniture factory needs to pay attention). If the amount of personal use is small, it can be positioned by manually drawing a line and fixing the hole. Pay attention to ensure that the positioning is consistent up and down, otherwise the sliding rail will not be pushed and pulled smoothly. As shown in the figure below, locate the screw mounting holes of the fixed rail on the side panel of the cabinet, and locate the screw mounting holes of the movable rail on the undermount drawer side panel.


3. After the holes are arranged, pick up the slide rail and pull the slide rail clutch circled in red in Figure 6 by hand, pull out the movable rail (inner rail), separate it from the fixed rail (outer rail), and remove the two fixed rails. (Outer rail) Lock the two side panels of the cabinet with screws according to the row of holes, and then lock the two movable rails to the side panels on both sides of the drawer according to the row of holes.


4. After completing the above steps, then align the ends of the movable rails (inner rails) on both sides of the drawer side panel with the ends of the fixed rails (middle rails), and then gently push them inwards. With a click, it means that the movable rail and the fixed rail have been linked, and the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely.


5. If you want to remove the drawer, then you can easily remove the drawer by flipping the clutches on both sides of the drawer in Figure 6.

PS: If you still do not understand the installation of 45-wide three-section steel ball slides, you can consult our kav brand hinge slides customer service at any time, or you can visit our website for more product information and installation skills.


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