Hydraulic Cabinet Hinge, What's it and the Way does it Work?

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  • Date:2022/04/23

Hydraulic cabinet hinges are increasingly used in the commercial refrigeration industry, and he was chosen as the closed solution for refrigerator aisles. Let's take a closer look at the components of this innovation.




The hydraulic cabinet hinge may be a door-closing technical system which working process may be a results of fluids struggling . The hydraulic fluid moves from a box to a different by passing through little spaces. The section of those spaces influences the fluid switching speed, which added to the pressure exerted on the hydraulic fluid, concerns the hydraulic movement.




Conceived so as to unravel functional needs of the commercial refrigeration market, the hinge has accounted for his firsts applications on vertical refrigerated cabinets. Suitable also for wine refrigerated cabinets also as semi-vertical refrigerator aisles, the hydraulic cabinet hinge is constant to capture cooler producers’ attention.


How does a hydraulic cabinet hinge work?


Naturally, the standard work of a hinge is to shut and open the door. The difference between an easy hinge and a hydraulic cabinet hinge is really the mechanism . This one is responsible of managing the force, the speed and therefore the movement, which appears smooth and constant. an easy opening of the door generates pressure on the hydraulic fluid because of internal mechanisms. The force resulting from the fluid pressure enables to maneuver the door back in its natural position.


A hydraulic cabinet hinge may be a complex system of components that assume great importance on its performance. Let’s find them out!


Hydraulic fluid


The hydraulic fluid is that the component which interacts with the whole mechanism . The fluid is chosen counting on its chemical characteristics and viscosity. it's an equivalent function as blood within the circulatory system .




A cylinder of a hydraulic cabinet hinge is nothing else than the box of the hydraulic fluid. like cardiac chambers, the cylinder contains the oil before it moves from a neighborhood to a different of the hinge.




The movement of the hydraulic fluid from a box to a different may be a results of the piston movement. Doing an equivalent contraction and relaxation movements of the guts , within the same way, the piston driven by a gear or a spring moves the oil.




The valve is that the component responsible of opening and shutting the switch of the fluid into the hydraulic circuit. Its main task is to settle the fluid stream so as to make sure the hinge’s best performance. The valve is as important because the valves of the circulatory system . A malfunction can cause excessive or not sufficient speed while closing.


Thanks to this specific analysis, we realize what proportion the mechanism is analogous to the working model of the human heart. The components are perfectly linked with the parts of the circulatory system, such a lot that we will define the hydraulic cabinet hinge because of the heart of the door and refrigerated cabinet system.

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