How To Choose Furniture Hardware Concealed Slides?

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  • Date:2022/04/23

How to choose furniture hardware concealed slides?

  Concealed drawer slide rail, is representing the most high-grade drawer slide rail trend at present, cause furniture, kitchen cabinet, bathroom and other high competition industry wants to upgrade the enterprise of product grade of high attention, the manufacturer product of these industries can only rely on the functional application of hardware products to upgrade the product under most circumstances.

A feature product profit brought by a good furniture fitting hardware is necessary for building brand furniture. Undermounted drawer slide, it is such a high-end furniture drawer hardware that makes brand furniture mute slide, with concealed and soft close.


The more high-tech product, appear quality problem more easily, if the choice is bad, when a lot of still not equal to use common drawer slide directly come simple and convenient with economize. Chinese makers of concealed drawer slides vary in quality and price. A lot of production furniture enterprises that want to apply are very nerve-racking, how to choose concealed slide? Here, FGVslide gives the following suggestions:


 1. Drawer slide production process


 The most direct appearance distinguish method, watch the production process, general small plant competition will be required to choose less material, mold and production levels are lack at the same time, and concealed slide of the strength factory will use environmental protection steel, its hardness will make the slide bearing increase, not easy to rust, mature production process appearance is better.


2. The pulling force of drawer slider


Push with the hand pull open close concealed slide rail, whether to want very hard when seeing its pull out, a lot of immature manufacturers are afraid of slide rail when the drawer is closed the strength is insufficient, and increase the strength of the spring, cannot handle again however the deportability when pulling out, so that the strength when pulling out should be very big, this is immature performance.

3. The closing time of kitchen drawer slider


Pull open with the hand concealed ball bearing drawer slide, closed to the slide damping effect of the moment to finally close 1.2 seconds or so is the most appropriate, too fast will produce drawer slide collision sound, too slow side may cause long-term use of the drawer can not be tightly closed. Generally speaking, the damping slide with hydraulic buffer will be easier to grasp the closing time, and the pneumatic buffer will be more difficult to control.

4. Whether shaking too much after installed kitchen drawer system

     The damper bar buffer of the hidden furniture drawer slide may fail if the slide on the drawer is wobbled.

5. Slide track durability test

      This is the most direct indicator of the quality of the drawer channel, but not everyone has such a way to test the 25 kg of the slide to complete 50, 000 runs without loss. Or whether to obtain the certificate of SGS and other inspection institutions will be a good choice of advice, after all, if the hand to open and close the drawer fifty thousand times, no one will have such good patience.

In general, the concealed sliders is a high-tech product, without a certain technical strength, not enough to support its effect and durability, blindly pursue cheap price, for furniture product upgrading and brand promotion may not lose.

 Undermounted drawer slider classification: 2 fold rail / 3 fold rail.

      The advantage of 3 sections is in the full pull out, and the load-bearing piece is relatively stronger than the two sections. In terms of thickness, the same is true. The thickness of two rails is 1.5mm and 1.5mm respectively, while the thickness of three rails is 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm respectively


      Divide bottom buffer rail, bottom rebound rail. Buffer and rebound, there are three and two quarters. The buffer is that as you push in, the last distance will slowly be sucked in. Rebound bottom rail, no handle, press to pop out.


   The concealed drawer slide can be divided into adjustable screws and handles. At present, more domestic is generally with adjustment screws, can be adjusted up and down the small spacing. In addition, the handle is divided into plastic handle and alloy handle. Among them plastic handle has several styles, current mainstream handle style, it is 3 d adjustable handle, this 3 D adjustable handle, European and American customers will like relatively. Easy to install, adjust, is a six-way adjustment, up and down the left and right before and after, belongs to the high-end configuration.

  According to the different hole location to classify:

    Conventional drawer slide sizes are increments of integers, such as 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and so on, which belongs to European style. American type drawer rail size is generally 15 inches, 21 inches and so on. there will be supporting parts.

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