FGVSLIDE Hinges : Home Hinge Installation

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  • Date:2022/01/20

FGVSLIDE Hinges : home hinge installation

 Cupboard door opens close the number as many as tens of thousands of times, the stand or fall of kitchen cupboard door hinge appears very important. Practice proves, use property to add cupboard door oneself component according to ambry, all sorts of domestic hinge reach ambry necessary quality demand very hard, just can often see so the condition with too large, door seam before a few cupboard doors, and high quality brand is different. Good quality hinge performance is outstanding, steel, flexibility, corrosion resistance, open and close freely in use, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage. FGVSLIDE quick-loading hinge, for example, can be opened and closed more than 60,000 times with a load of 5kg on the cabinet door in destructive experiments, and up to 100,000 times in regular operation. The products also passed the SGS fatigue test.


1. The basic understanding of furniture hardware hinge

  Hinge material: iron, steel (stainless steel), alloy, copper.

 The type of hinge: hinge [iron, copper, stainless steel], door hinge [ordinary type, bearing type, plate], other hinges [table hinge, door hinge, glass hinge].

 Hinges are classified according to different installation methods: there are fundamentally three different device methods for hinge devices.

      A.  Full overlay: the door is fully covered with the side plate of the cabinet, and there is a gap between the two, so that the door can be opened safely.

  B. Half overlay: in this case, two doors share a side panel. There is a small space between them. Each door cover interval is cut accordingly, need to choose half cover hinge.

      C. In this case, the door is located in the cabinet, beside the side plate of the cabinet. It also needs a gap so that the door can be opened safely. Built-in hinge is required.

 The use of hinge: furniture hardware / furniture cupboard door / kitchen cabinet door / bathroom cabinet door / wardrobs door.

2.  Cabinet door hinge installation skills and matters needing attention

 The installation distance is generally determined according to the thickness of the door, in terms of the full cover, if you need to cover 19 centimetres of the door, then the hinge cup margin is 6 mm, then the conventional minimum door margin is 3 mm.

 ② In the determination of the installation of the distance between the door and hinge, we will press the number of cabinet door hinge selection to the actual installation, installation hinge number mainly depends on the installation of the height of the door, the general height of 1500 mm, the weight of the door between 9-12kg, you should choose about 3 hinges.

 Kitchen cabinet door hinge's installation, which is also very important. Open the door according to the position of the side of the door and side shell is divided into the door, the door half cover and embedded door three installations, the whole cover is generally covered the side panel, half cover door is over half of the side panel, is suitable for middle clapboard, need to install more than three door cabinets, built-in door is installed within the plate on both sides.

 ④ Our door plank of door hinge embedded cup hole after open the hinge, the combined into alignment and side panel, with self tapping screws to fix base, in the finished these only, we will try to open the door, the effect of general door hinge can be six to adjust, to be on the up and down, two doors around the location of the moderate, be in commonly installed close spacing is generally at about 2 mm.


3.  Cabinet door hinge after installation adjustment method

 Door covering distance adjustment: turn the screw to the right, the door covering distance becomes smaller (-). Turn the screw to the left, the door covering distance becomes larger (+).

 Depth adjustment: direct and continuous adjustment through the eccentric screw.

 Height adjustment: through the adjustable height hinge base, can accurately adjust the height.

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