Comparisons Between Domestic And International Damping Slides Brands

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  • Date:2022/03/24

"Liang Sheng, after reading some of your articles, I want to ask you a question and hear your opinion: domestic hidden damping slides and international brands Blum slides, Hettich slides ) Compared with these top products, what do you think? " A customer wanted to purchase our hidden damping slides, but he was worried about domestic quality problems, so he inquired.

On this issue, it can be said that there has been a lot of attention. Liang Jingwen talked about what he saw and thought. Compared with top imported hardware slide rail brands such as Blum, Hettich, and GRASS slide, China's damping slide rail is still technically inferior, which is reflected in the following deficiencies. and advantages:

Less than 1. Insufficient independent research and development of slide rails

International brands have entered the era of fully automatic control slide rail research and development, that is, remote control or touch opening and closing, and the era of fully intelligent information research and development. However, China can only develop hidden damping slides and horse-drawn slides by imitating Blum, Hettich, Glass and other brands, and has not been ahead of the trend of furniture hardware slides. In China, there have also been cases in which some companies have been accused of taking all foreign brands to court. Therefore, solidarity and hard work are still needed to truly grow China's slide rails into a world leader in slide rails.

less than 2. Quality problems under internal friction in the slide rail industry

Why does it take unity and hard work for China to become a leader? From the confusion of China's steel ball slides and China's concealed hinge market, it can also be seen that Chinese furniture hardware manufacturers have exposed the problem of nesting, and the price determines the winner or loser, which ultimately leads to quality problems such as poor materials, reduced load-bearing, and low rust resistance. Let customers shake their heads: "Chinese slide rails are sometimes afraid to purchase. The same thing, the price is twice the difference. But it is difficult to see that it takes a while to know, and Chinese suppliers say how long it can be used. ." Deceived foreign businessmen often talk about such angry topics. In the past two years, many hidden slide rail manufacturers have appeared at once, but very few have the strength to produce stable quality. Will the damping slide rails be improved and better as the number of manufacturers increases?

God knows! Now I only know that the durability and stability of the damping slides produced by some large slide rail factories, as well as the pulling force and closing, have problems. Small slide rail factories have more problems because the hidden damping slide rails are put into the mold. The cost of technical investment is quite high, and the cost of moving hundreds of thousands of molds will be reimbursed. To maturely produce a hidden damping slide, who can guarantee the perfect handover after several mold revisions? What's more, dampers generally rely on outsourcing.

less than 3. Insufficient brand awareness of slide rails

There are very few Chinese brands that are very famous. Basically, they are OEM and OEM, and their brand awareness is not strong. So even with international brands such as Hettich slides, FGV slides, locomotive slides, Häfele slides, Stanley slides and other OEM manufacturers, the brand awareness and brand loyalty of their own companies are very low. But after saying a lot, is the Chinese damping slide really bad? In fact, China's slide rails can develop rapidly in a short period of time, of course, it has its advantages:

Advantage 1. The price advantage is fully reflected

Compared with the price of international brands, the price is half or more, which is the biggest motivation for consumers to use it to save money and generate profits.

Advantage 2. Technology accumulation and capital accumulation with high-quality production strength

After 20 years of slide rail production history, Chinese slide rail manufacturers have accumulated certain technologies and talents, and many slide rail factories have already established a complete industrial chain, such as Vantone's slide rail manufacturing, which has three More than 100 sets of the world's most advanced automatic production stamping equipment, assembly lines, as well as its own plastic production workshop, electroplating workshop, spraying workshop, buffer production line and product testing laboratory. OEM with international brands has also improved the quality control and industrial chain of Chinese slide rail manufacturers.

Advantage 3. China's advocacy of innovation and the pursuit of technological breakthroughs by enterprises are intensifying

To get rid of the low-end image of Made in China, the Chinese government has been working hard to provide full product upgrade support for capable companies, which provides favorable conditions for Chinese slide rail manufacturers to move to a higher level, such as Vantone’s development of hidden dampers The slide rail has not only substantial tens of millions of yuan in government low-interest loans, but also incentives such as tax credits for new product development expenses and more than one million yuan in technological innovation awards. Let Vantone have no worries about the future, change the product as soon as there is a defect, and apply for a patent as soon as there is an innovation, forming a good atmosphere for the company to continuously develop new technology products and apply for patents.


The above all indicate to a certain extent that it will not be easy for China to become a world leader in slide rail manufacturing. However, with the determination of the Chinese government and enterprises to continue to innovate and the continuous accumulation of Chinese talents and technologies, it will catch up or even surpass international brands. For example, Blum slides and Hettich slides are not impossible, and some are just a matter of time.

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