Difference with clip on Hinges and normal one way hinges

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  • Date:2022/12/14

There are two types of normal hinges for cup 35mm concealed hinges:clip on two way hinge and slide on two way normal hinges.

1.Clip on two way hinges: After the base is fixed, the hinge arm is stuck up. Even if it is removed, press the spring at the end to separate the base from the hinge by pressing the button at the end of the hinge, and the cabinet door can be opened. Disassemble. Therefore, the clip on hinge is relatively easy to disassemble, and it is more convenient to clean and maintain. The full cover, half cover and insert of the clip on hinges are determined according to the side panel of the cabinet body, and the thickness of the side panel is generally 16-18MM.5.png

2. Slide on two way or one way normal hinge: After the base is fixed, the hinge arm is fixed with screws. The fixed hinge means that after the door panel is installed, the door panel covers the side panel 14-18MM, the half cover is the door panel cover side panel 6-9MM, and the embedded door panel and the side panel are on the same plane. If the cabinets are made by decoration workers, they are generally half-covered. If they are custom-made by the cabinet factory,door hinges should be fixed more. After the installation of the hinge is completed, the only way to remove the cabinet door is to unscrew the screws again, which is relatively troublesome.1_ABC看图.jpg

When choosing a stainless steel hinge,  only soft close hinge or hydraulic hinge made by Stainless steel SS201 or SS304, anti-rust much better. you must first know what kind of hinge you want to solve the cabinet door problem. Let's first talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the hinge clip on type and the fixed type.

Clip on type: No need to guess, you can quickly separate the hinge from the base by lightly pressing the tail of the hinge, which saves installation time and can be installed by one person. However, there is an obvious disadvantage that when the base is installed separately, both sides need to be aligned horizontally, and some measuring tools are needed, otherwise it will cause failure to install or the cabinet will tilt. This increases the difficulty of installing the base, but saves time and money for disassembly. The installation force is convenient for dust cleaning and maintenance. Usually only one person is needed to complete the installation. However, it should not be matched with a cabinet that is too heavy. If it is too heavy, the connection between the hinge and the base will become loose, and it will be easy to wear and cause unnecessary noise. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the load-bearing range of the clip on hinge.

As mentioned above, clip on hinge is easy to disassemble and clean, and requires a little patience and skill to install. It can be disassembled and replaced many times, and has little effect on the stability of the base. It is often used for installation on shorter and lighter cabinets.

Fixed type: As the name suggests, the furniture hinge and the base are integrated, and the hinge base fixed on the inner layer of the hydraulic cylinder is connected with solid screws. The advantage is that it is very strong and stable, and there will be no phenomenon that the hinge and the cabinet body will fall off, but the installation is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It requires both hands to support the entire cabinet door to keep it stable. Usually, two people are required to complete the installation work , the number of personnel increases when the cabinet door is too heavy, easy to disassemble and difficult to install, installation is a laborious task, so it is inconvenient to clean, once installed, there is little chance to disassemble, disassembly can only be achieved by loosening the base screws, over time Excessive disassembly will cause the base screws to be too loose, and there is a danger of falling off. Suitable for heavy, long cabinet doors and strong load-bearing cabinet installation.

Therefore, the first installation of the hinge fixed type is very stable, but it cannot be disassembled and replaced frequently, and it is inconvenient to clean the hinge and paint the cabinet body. How easy it is to loose.


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