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  • Date:2022/04/23

AMBRY HARDWARE ACCESSORIES IS DIVIDED FOR FUNCTIONAL SEX AND DECORATIVE HARDWARE TWO KINDS OF KINDS, AMBRY IS IN THE KITCHEN IS moist, IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF SMOKE AND SMOKE, CHOOSE HARDWARE ACCESSORIES TO SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE ABLE TO withstand corrode, RUSTY, THE EXPERIMENT THAT IS DAMAGED.Functional cabinet hardware refers to the hardware accessories used to achieve certain functions, such as hinges and drawer slides.Among them, the hinge should stand the test of time, it must not only open and close the cabinet door, but also bear the weight of the door alone;Additional drawer slide track cannot ignore, it is fixed on side plate and drawer, bear all the weight of drawer, the drawer slide track of high quality, do not use expense to pull drawer vigorously.Accordingly, the choice of these hardware gadgetry, must quality is good。

Dongyue hardware is a professional manufacturer of slide hinges, with 16 years of production and export experience, quality and after-sales guarantee

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