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  • Date:2022/04/23

In the modern era, many friends will consider making a cloakroom when decorating. Even if the space at home is too small, they will squeeze out a little space to make a mini cloakroom, not to mention friends with large apartments. It can be said that it is standard; I often see that the neighbors are decorated very beautifully, so I choose to sacrifice a small space to make a cloakroom, but when the final effect comes out, I find that this cloakroom is really well done, especially the hardware. Very practical.


We all know that when making a cloakroom, the most important thing is to pay attention to the design of the corners, otherwise it will not only be inconvenient to use, but also look very tasteless. The handling of the internal structure is also very good, such as the clothes hanging area, the trousers hanging area, the compartment area, etc., especially the top coat hanger hardware, which is more practical. The round three-layer rotating rack can not only be installed It can hold a lot of clothes, and it is also very space-saving.


Of course, the conventional drawer configuration is also indispensable. Basically, a set of cabinets is equipped with three drawers, and the drawers are made in a divided style, so that some small clothes in the home can be stored. Still more practical.



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In general, this cloakroom is not only effective, but also very practical. You can learn from it when decorating. What you need to pay attention to is the design of the corner. Whether the space is large or small, you must make the corner very useful. Otherwise, the storage function of this cloakroom will be greatly reduced.
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