Furniture Hardware Industry Recovery

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  • Date:2023/02/28

On the one hand, relevant companies have launched new home products and services, and held profit-sharing and preferential promotional activities. On the other hand, consumers have continued to spend on home improvement. Since the beginning of the year, the home improvement market has shown a trend of both supply and demand.


Recently, according to data released by the Department of Circulation Industry Development of the Ministry of Commerce and the China Building Materials Circulation Association, the National Building Materials and Home Furnishing Prosperity Index (BHI) rebounded to 95.62 in January this year, an increase of 6.69 points from the previous month; 78.395 billion RMB, a month-on-month increase of 9.15%.

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From the perspective of macroeconomic data combined with home building materials market research, driven by the continuous advancement of various policy optimizations and the accelerated recovery of the real economy, home building materials The industry has gradually come out of the "severe winter" of the market in the past two years, especially the prosperity index of the large-scale home building materials market is recovering rapidly. From the analysis of economic fundamentals, the physical support for this wave of data recovery is relatively solid and has a certain long-term trend.


Faced with the strong recovery of the home furnishing industry, researcher analyzed to the reporter of the International Business Daily that this is mainly driven by three positive factors: first, the upgrading of residents' consumption. With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the living environment are getting higher and higher, and consumers are willing to invest more money in home purchases. Second, the consumption policy is favorable. In recent years, the government has launched activities such as "home appliances to the countryside" and "trade-in for new" in terms of promoting consumption, which has promoted the development of the household consumer market. The third is the popularization of the Internet. With the development of Internet technology, household consumers can obtain various information more conveniently, including product information, price information, purchase methods, etc., which greatly facilitates consumers' shopping experience.


In addition, "home furnishing companies' supply-side promotions, channel sinking, and product innovation have further activated the demand and enthusiasm of the consumer side."

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