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  • Date:2022/11/19

FGVSLIDE guide rail series complements the inspiration of furniture with the quality of steel components. We have a solution for every requirement: the extensive range of concealed slide as well as the full extension drawer slide. In addition, there are various dynamic opening and closing technologies to bring more comfortable operating experience. Our custom service and fabrication tools simplify the design and installation process.

Range of concealed rails is the ingenious solution for demanding requirements: from 1D to 3D,screw adjustment, and can be combined with all dynamic opening and closing technologies.

The concealed rail series is versatile and able to meet flexible design requirements: nominal lengths from 250mm to 600mm, also available with dynamic opening and closing technology, also suitable for a variety of different applications and all living spaces.

You can choose the right rail style for your low drawer according to your needs: visible or concealed rails, various nominal lengths and support for various drawer types, load-bearing classes from 25 kg to 30 kg. There are two types of fixing options for the drawer slide.Our range of rails can be combined with up to 4 dynamic opening technologies for soft and quiet opening and closing.

Suitable for various home spaces

The rail series of FGVSLIDE makes the opening and closing of wooden drawers a special experience. In the complex daily tasks in the kitchen, they are proving their superior stability and load capacity at all times. These rails work equally well in bathrooms, hallways, living rooms or bedrooms. Wherever it is, our guide rail series can help users improve their quality of life.

Improve opening and closing comfort

Our guide rail range stands out from the crowd due to its excellent sliding properties. Its light, quiet glide provides a comfortable operating experience. Excellent stability and extremely reliable functionality are also two highlights of our products. No matter which series you choose, it can effectively improve the quality of life.

Easy to design and process

We support you along the entire value chain with our tailor-made service and machining tools for the rail series. Our cabinet configuration tools help you with tasks such as digital design.

One-stop full service

FGVSLIDE is an innovative manufacturer and reliable supplier, we will support you throughout the entire business process as your long-term partner. Our high-quality steel products make the ideal base for your wooden creations. As a comprehensive supplier, we can provide you with not only products but also supporting services and processing tools.

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